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    Kabbalistic Foundation Studies

    The Inner World of the Kabbalist

    Kabbalah's Beginners Course

    Course Syllabus

    Teacher: Shaul Youdkevitch

    Course materials:

    Recorded lectures in front of a live audience

    PDF Presentations to support the learning experience

    Texts & charts, explaining the different topics

    I.Session One

    A Brief History of Kabbalah, main teachers & books. Kabbalah's great and unknown influence over the history of Judaism and the rest of the world.

    Kabbalah as The Wisdom for a Better Life.

    II.Session Two

    Reality and Illusions, the True World (Olam HaEmet) vs. The False Reality of the bodily senses and mind.

    The Language of Branches - The Special Language of the Kabbalists

    The Desire and its Fulfillment

    Primary Source:

    Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag/ The Book of the Giving of the Torah (Sefer Matan Torah)

    III.Session Three

    How did it all begin? The Creation of the Universe, The Source of all Souls, What is every Soul made of?

    The Big Bang Theory vs. Rabbi Isaac Luria’s Tsimtsum Theory.

    What is the source of Evil in this world? The real motivation of the soul vs. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

    Primary Source:

    Rabbi Haim Vital/ The Tree of Life

    IV.Session Four

    Good and Evil, Good Inclination and Evil Inclination: Duality as the Source for the Meaning of Life. Free Will: Logic vs. Faith.

    Primary Source:

    Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag/Introductions to Kabbalah

    V.Session Five

    The Tikun (Correction/Karma-Fixing):

    How everyday life is a mirror of the journey the soul is taking. Why do bad things happen to Good People? The Rules of Cause and Effect; Reincarnation in Kabbalistic Teachings.

    Primary Source:

    Rabbi Haim Vital/ The Gate for Reincarnations

    Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag/Introductions to Kabbalah

    VI.Session Six

    Understanding Kabbalistic Symbols, The way they manifest in explaining the Mitsvot, Jewish Law.

    The Symbolism of The Four Elements, Colors and the Forces of Nature and how it relates to everyday’s life by the Kabbalist.

    Primary Source:

    Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag/Zohar HaSulam

    Rabbi Haim Vital/The Gate for the Mitsvot

    VII.Session Seven

    Tools for Life – Achieving Real & Lasting Transformation

    The Hebrew Letters as Tools for Magic. Shapes, Sounds as the building blocks of The Creation. The 72 Names of God

    The 72 Names of God

    Primary Source:

    Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag/Commentary on The Tree of Life

    Sefer Yetsira (The Book of Formation)

    VIII.Session Eight

    Basics in Kabbalistic Meditations.

    The Name of 42 Letters – The Ana BeKho'ah

    Primary Source:

    Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag/Commentary on The Tree of Life

    Sefer Yetsira (The Book of Formation)

    IX.Session Nine

    The Tree of Life, Sefirot and Olamot (Worlds).

    How is it that God never changes but it looks like He does?

    The Cosmology of Good & Evil

    The Secret of the Tetragramaton.

    Primary Source:

    Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag/Commentary on The Tree of Life

    Rabbi Haim Vital/ The Tree of Life, Sha'ar HaKavanot (The Gate of Meditations)

    The Zohar

  • The ancient Kabbalistic Astrology is full of deep wisdom that is usefull for the understanding of daily life, relationship and tradition.

    This course contain a special lecture about each of the 12 signs.

  • Kabbalistic Holidays are Celestial Gates in Time through which Godly light is presented to us in order to transform our lives and improve them.

    How do we learn to understand and be present when we arrive to those cosmic gates? How do we get the most out of these special opportunities?

    Lectures, Presentations, charts and printouts are available for all Jewish holidays and special days.

    Passover, Shavuot, The Three Weeks and The 9th of Av, The 15th of Av, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simhat Torah, Hanukkah, Tu Bishvat and Purim.

  • Lectures, study, stories and history of the great sages of Kabbalah
  • There are many ceromonies that without Kabbalistic understanding they look meaningless and many time tasteless.

    What is the spiritual meaning behind each ceremony? What is the proper way to perform the ceremony? What is the state of mind needed for getting the best results?

    13 topics